Dedicated crypto trading solutions, built for your business.

Access an institutional-grade offering that leverages the crypto trading technology behind the Voyager retail app. Voyager Institutional brings deeper liquidity, broader market access, and more effective trading to financial institutions and technology businesses.

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Powered by our Smart Order Router, the Voyager Execution Platform offers investors competitive prices on their trades and faster, more reliable execution.

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Our network of crypto exchanges, OTC desks, and other liquidity providers give Voyager clients unmatched access to the crypto market.

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With our partners, choose a custody solution with the right blend of security and availability that works for your business. Store crypto assets with confidence through our flexible offerings that prioritize the safekeeping of your assets.


Wider Market Access

Trade across multiple exchanges and OTC liquidity providers through a single account or wallet. Voyager unifies the largely fragmented crypto ecosystem, offering investors unmatched speed, liquidity, and security.

Greater Efficiency

Voyager provides a single access point for investors to effectively and securely trade and manage their crypto assets, eliminating the need for individual exchange accounts, wallets, and keys.

Safety & Security

At Voyager, security is our number one priority. Our cutting-edge custody solutions safely and securely store your crypto assets. By combining hot and cold storage, Voyager ensures both safekeeping and availability.

Strategic Vision

Voyager’s team of established Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are eliminating the roadblocks that currently exist in digital trading. Our goal is to bring the best of the traditional equities world to crypto, while still delivering the innovation this exciting new asset class deserves.


Voyager Institutional is owned and operated by CryptoTrading Technologies LLC, a broker that provides retail and institutional investors with a turnkey solutionn to trade crypto assets.

Voyager offers investors best execution, data and custody services through its institutional-grade 
open architecture platform.

Voyager was founded by established Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who teamed to bring a better, more transparent and cost efficient alternative for trading digital assets to the marketplace.

Voyager is registered with CryptoTrading Technologies LLC.


Stephen Ehrlich

Stephen Ehrlich

Chief Executive Officer


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